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1 Cheap Way to Personalize A Dollar Tree Christmas Stocking

For the last few Christmas’, I’ve thought about purchasing personalized holiday stockings.  Yet when I went to the store to price them, I was shocked at how much I would pay for 6 stockings with just one initial across the front.

Yes, they’re super cute, have lots of character, and pizzazz but at $15-$20 per stocking – I’ll pass!

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Instead, I took a quick look around my local Dollar Tree for inspiration and I found 6 great looking stockings for just $1 each of course.

I decided to put my Cricut Machine to work to personalize my new stockings and the total project only cost me $6 bucks.

My supply list also included a piece of HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) in Gold (already on hand), an iron, and an ironing board.

Step 1

Purchase your own cute Dollar Tree stockings.

I chose mine based on the age and personality of those who will be using them.  My youngest two kids both have a playful stocking, the older two, my husband, and I have cute red stockings.


Step 2

In Cricut Design space type out everyone’s name using a font of your choice.  For this project, I used a free font called Algerian which was already installed on my computer.

I cut all 6 names out at the same time and in the same color just to simplify things.

Feel free to be creative, there are lots of cute FREE fonts out there.


Now if you don’t have a Cricut Machine I would highly suggest you think about investing in one.  I’ve saved so much money over time by being able to do my own personalizations using this machine. LOVE IT!

Another alternative would be to use easy iron-on letters from the local craft store- they work just as well.

Step 3

When I purchased the stockings they came with a piece of thin cardboard inside of each one.  I used the cardboard to sit between the opening of the stockings, this helped to keep some of the heat away from the side that I wasn’t working on.

Once the names were arranged I covered them with a thin washcloth and applied heat and pressure with the iron. Repeating this process until I could safely lift the clear HTV cover off of the stocking without lifting the vinyl letters.


Step 4

Display your Dollar Tree personalized stockings across your mantle for your family to enjoy.



So what do you think about my DIY personalized holiday stockings?

Do you have a super cheap way to personalize a holiday stocking? Please share!


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