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6 Simple Steps to a Dollar Tree Frame Lantern


Dollar Tree Frame Lantern for only $4.

Recently I fell in love with the decorative lantern look.  With two built-in shelves to fill in our new house, I set out to purchase a few and couldn’t believe the prices on some of them.

Being frugal minded I decided to wait and search the internet for a “Klever” way to create the look myself.

I stumbled upon several great tutorials gaining inspiration until I could finally create these awesome Dollar Tree Frame Lanterns for only $4.00 each.

Follow these 6 simple steps to create your own Dollar Tree Frame Lanterns in under 20 minutes.


8- Dollar Tree 5X7 Pictures Frames (4 per lantern)

1-Tube of Crazy Glue

1-Paper Towel

1- Bottle of Glass Cleaner

Step 1

Unwrap each frame removing the backing, and the paper inside.

Step 2

Using your finger secure the glass in place by pushing the metal tabs in towards the glass as far as they will go. It doesn’t have to be a tight fit, the glass may move around its okay, you just don’t want it to fall out.

Step 3

Use your paper towel and glass cleaner to wipe off the frame and glass.

Step 4

Take your first frame and lay it on a flat surface, put crazy glue on one side of the frame, then take your second frame and evenly secure it to the first.  Continue one side at a time until you have four frames tightly glued together.

Step 5

The crazy glue seems to dry almost instantly, but to be safe I allowed extra drying time after each frame was in place. Once dry, take the back of one frame (the piece with the stand) and use it as a bottom base. I personally didn’t glue this in place I just sat the finished lantern on top of it.  It makes it easy to move with the decorations inside. If you plan to use very small pieces I would recommend gluing it in place.

Step 6


Decorate, Enjoy, Repeat!

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. What are some ways you have used Dollar Tree Frames to decorate your home? Have you tried creating these awesome Dollar Tree Frame Lanterns? How did they turn out for you?

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