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32 Clever Things To Do On A No Spend Day

Having a no spend day is just that, a day when you don’t spend money on anything.

In my journey to be debt free, I find myself having several no spend days per week to reach my goal.

These are 32 Clever Things To Do On A No Spend Day that will help you save money and get organized at the same time.

32 Things To Do On A No Spend Day
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Organizing Tips

1.Organize the closet- Pull out items which are too small,  group similar items in one area, pair shoes up, and figure out a clever way to display accessories for an easy reach.

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2. Organize the pantry- Organize according to the packaging, can goods, cereal, pasta, and sauces should all be grouped with each other.  This makes it easy to find items, and keep an inventory of whats needed.

3. Organize Bathroom Cabinets- Group similar items such as hair products, lotions & oils, body washes, and makeup in a different area of the cabinet.  It helps to have smaller items towards the front and larger ones in back.

4. Organize the medicine cabinet- Using baskets organize medicine by use and user.  How about an area for kids, and adults.  Or simply do a cough & cold medicine area, and pain relievers area.  This saves time when you need to grab something for a sick family member.

5. Organize/Clean inside of the vehicle- Pull out everything that doesn’t belong in the car.  Wipe down the inside, vacuum the carpet, and hand wash the outside.

6. Organize/Clean kids closet -Pull out items which are too small,  group similar items in one area, pair shoes up, and figure out a clever way to display accessories for an easy reach.

7. Post on Poshmark- This is a great website to sell all those items you just pulled from your closets. No spend days are great days to make a few bucks too.

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8. Organize/ Clean Storage closet- Pull out all of those things which you haven’t used in ages and post them for sale or donate them to Goodwill.

9. Rearrange furniture- Give your home a makeover simply by rearranging the furniture and swapping out decorative pieces between rooms.

10. Deep clean house (walls, floors, carpet, etc)- Wipe down walls, clean carpet, base boards, deep clean the refrigerator, clean the linen, wipe out the cabinets, the possibilities are endless.

Money Making Tips

11. Clip coupons for spending days- Grab those newspaper inserts and match up coupons with current sales.  Then put them aside until its time to spend money again.

12. Update/ Add posting on Poshmark- Now that you have posted items on Poshmark run a sale on those items (Ex. 3 items for $24) and share it with your followers.

13. Watch Swagbucks video’s: Love extra cash?  Use this time to spend the day watching short videos on Swagbucks to rack up easy money.

14. Yard Sale- Host a yard sale or co-host one at a friends house.  This is a great way to unload things of value that are currently taking up space around the house.

15. Walk the Mall (without wallet) and collect points on Shopkick- Shopkicks is an app that gives you credit for walking into stores, scanning items, and making purchases (not today).  On your no spend day simply walk in a few stores and scan away.  Collect those points, they add up to free Starbucks, Walmart, or Amazon gift cards.

16. Post receipts on Receipt Hog- Collect all of your receipts from your spend days, and snap a quick picture of them using the Receipt Hog App and be on your way to a free magazine subscription or cold hard cash.

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Time Saving Tips

17. Meal Prep food-  Pull out those groceries which you already have and start cooking.   This is a great time to get both lunch and dinner taken care of and out of the way for the week.

18. Prep work/school clothes for the week- Pull your outfits which you plan to wear this week to the front of the closet.  If you are that person who irons clothes your no spend day is the time to do so. This will save you a ton of time each morning.

Relaxation Tips

19. Catch up on T.V Episodes Missed- Take time to catch up on all those missed episodes of your most favorite

20. Netflix & Chill- Snuggle up with the remote and a sweet treat and watch all of the movies you want.

21. Catch up on reading- This is a great time to start a new habit why not borrow several books from the library and expand your horizon.

22. Wash & Deep condition hair- Collect hair care products from around the house, and try out that new hair care regimen that you learned on Youtube.

23. DIY pedicure & manicure- Give yourself a pedicure & manicure with supplies from around the house.

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24. Walk the dog at the dog park- Take the dog for a walk around the park this is a  great way for you both to get in some exercise.

25.  Craft- Locate your crafting supplies and actually craft!

Entertainment & Personal Growth

26. Catch up on Workouts- Locate your favorite video, and catch up on workouts missed during the week.

27. Create/Review Monthly Budget- This is a great time to reflect on your current budget, and make adjustments.  Or why not take a moment to create next months budget?

28. Call friends & family- Reach out to family and friends via phone they’ll be happy to receive a call over a text message.

29. Host a family game night-  Looking for something fun?  Have family bring their favorite dishes and a few board games.  You will have hours of fun and it won’t cost you anything.

30. Host a couples game night- Invite several couples and ask some to bring games, others to bring drinks, and a few to bring food.  This is a great idea for date night with friends that won’t cost you a thing but a few dirty plates.

31.Visit friends- Take the day to sit with the BFF and share all things new in your life.

32. Volunteers Find a local organization to volunteer your time or talent. Many schools and churches would love to have extra support with completing their day-to-day task.

Now that I’ve shared 32 things to do on a no spend day I’ll love to hear from you. Do you currently practice having no spend days? If so what is it that you do to stay busy? Please share below!



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