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1 Brillant Way To Save Money on Canisters

One Klever way to transform those empty coffee containers.
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As a teacher, you are always looking for inexpensive, yet creative ways to fulfill your classroom needs. This school year one major need consisted of containers to store treats for my students. Of course, the first thing I did, turned to Pinterest for inspiration. These wonderful treat jars are the result.

To create this clever look, you will need several items.

2-Empty plastic Folgers coffee containers Mine were donated to me by another teacher (we love coffee!).

1- Old newspaper to protect your work surface.

1- Package of Recollection Themed Chalkboard Labels purchased from Michaels Craft Store.

1-Bristo Chalk Marker in White purchased from Michaels Craft Store (unpictured).

1- Can of Valspar Premium Finish with Micromist Spray in any color, for this project the color used, was purple with a satin finish. Be sure to grab the can the says Paint + Primer for Metal, Wood, and Plastic. I purchased my can at my local Lowes Store.

By Klever Moments
By Klever Moments

Once you have collected your supplies, find a well-ventilated area (outside is best) to begin the spray process. To ensure that you cover the entire canister it would be best to spray them upside down (bottoms up), rotating the newspaper as you spray. For this project three coats were applied, to ensure that the red color no longer showed. When each canister is completely dry, apply the chalkboard label, a cute little message, and Enjoy!

By Klever Moments

This project surely gets my EASY seal of approval. It was a quick and inexpensive way to create a custom treat jar for the kiddos in my classroom. This is also a great project for personalized dorm room storage or pantry organization.

Please, let me know how these clever canisters work for you by posting your opinion below.


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