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5 Clever Ways to Save Money When Out With The Kids

Let’s face it every time you leave the house; chances are you are going to spend money on something.  For my family of six, it seems as if it’s almost impossible to keep money in my pockets when trying to have fun.  Now I use these 5  Clever Ways to Save Money When Out With The Kids when I need to cut back. As a result, we have fun, and my pockets remain full of cash.

5 Clever Ways to save when out with the kids
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On a typical Saturday, when you add up the cost of two Starbucks Coffees, six lunches, and a spare of the moment trip to the skating rink or movies, spending would typically add up to equal $100 ‘s.  Sad Right?!

Well in my effort to balance my budget yet still hang out with the kiddos on weekends I decided to implement “Mama’s Five Steps to Saving”!

#1- Eat at home

One way to cut the spending is to eat major meals at home.  As our children’s portion sizes increased (no more kid’s meals) so have the restaurant tabs.  Fast food restaurant’s which would ordinarily appear to be cheap eats have drastically become more expensive.

I’ve found that six combo meals would run our family as much as $35-$40. When attempting to cut back on spending, it’s much more feasible to grocery shop and gain the ability to eat several meals with that $40 budget.


“Diana and Karell prepping dinner” by David Trawin is licensed by CC By-SA 2.0
“Diana and Karell prepping dinner” by David Trawin is licensed under CC-By-SA 2.0

#2- Use coupons

Now, let’s be real here! Not all the time are you able to run back home to prepare a cooked meal.  In my quest to save as much as I can, I often use restaurant coupons to cut the cost. They are usually found in the mailbox wrapped around your weekly grocery store circular and viewed as JUNK MAIL by many.

"Coupons" by Matt McGee is licensed by CC BY-ND 2.0
“Coupons” by Matt McGee is licensed under CC-BY-ND 2.0

Well, let me tell you, this JUNK MAIL has loads of savings to places such as Lenny’s Subs, Pizza Hut, Steak N Shake, Hardees, and Burger Kings just to name a few.  The deals are geared towards restaurant’s in your immediate area and change with each circular.

The coupons are usually valid for two months; therefore, you have plenty of time to use them.  To be coupon prepared, I clip and sort mine into a gallon Ziploc bag which I keep in the car.  When new circulars arrive, it’s out with the old (expired) and in with the new.

One of my favorite deals so far would be from Popeye’s Chicken where you purchase one three-piece meal and get a two-piece meal free.  With that coupon my husband, and I have eaten an entire meal for around $8 bucks combined.

For those who aren’t fortunate enough to receive this circular in the mail, I would recommend visiting the restaurant’s website directly to subscribe to their mailer. A subscription entitles you to exclusive deals emailed directly to your inbox.

Another great way I save on food would be to check out the website Groupon. Groupon offers deep discounts on eateries in your area; this has been an excellent way to connect with local people, places, and food.

#3- Search the internet for Discounts 

As an active family of six, we are always on the go looking to try the next great local activity. Our urge for excitement can cost a pretty penny over time.  To reduce the cost of said activities, I search the internet for discounts.

One way to save would be to visit the attraction’s website directly; many places provide online discounts some as much as 20% when you reserve your attraction online.  Others promote specials or display printable coupons for discounts upon arrival.

"Escape Room" by Monique Strickland
“Escape Room” Photo taken by Monique Strickland – We followed the clues, solved the mystery, and found the Pirates Treasure,  all with time to spare.

Another great way to save would be to search third party websites for DEEP DISCOUNTS!  Two frequently used sites are Groupon, and Living Social both which offer serious money saving discounts on tons of local attractions. Deals on the website will vary based on the type of deal you are attempting to purchase.

Just recently were decided to buy four tickets to one of the local escape rooms.  It’s a new attraction where you are locked in a room for 60 minutes and must solve the clues to escape.  Purchasing four tickets through the company’s website would have cost $80, whereas the same purchase through Groupon would cost $55 for four tickets.  The savings on that deal ($25 bucks) is fantastic if you aren’t a Groupon user sign up here to start receiving DEEP DISCOUNTS today!

Sign up by clicking here Groupon, then click on “Sign Up” in the upper right corner it’s that EASY!

#4 Take part in free activities if it’s free it’s for me!

Let’s face it, one of the best ways to have fun as a family is to take advantage of free activities.  Opting to take a walk, visit the local park, attend a parade or local museum on a free day are all excellent ways to reduce the amount of money spent when out with the family.

"Kids' Bike Parade" by Dianne Yee is licensed by CC BY-ND 2.0

“Kids’ Bike Parade” by Dianne Yee is licensed under BY-ND 2.0

#5  Stay Home

One sure way to eliminate extra spending and cut cost has been to STAY HOME! While home, we engage in movie or family game night to fuel our entertainment bug.  Hanging out at home has been an excellent way to bond with the kids and save a little MONEY.

"Board Games" by Michelle Tribe is licensed under CC BY 2.0
“Board Games” by Michelle Tribe is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

I hope these tips help you save money when spending a day out with the family.

I love to hear saving tips, please share your methods to save money when out having fun.



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